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Why have a video on your website?

Using videos to advertise and having a video on your website has many benefits, in the world we live today people like to watch rather than read, it is a fact that people spend on average four times longer on websites that contain video and that video drives traffic through your website.

With a video on your website you can personalise your message to a client and really show what your product is all about, things that take you a thousand words to explain in writing can be shown very simply in a short video, saving your clients precious time.

Here are some facts about video advertising and web videos.

Feature Film | Lock In


GreenBond Productions are proud to announce the completion of our first feature film ‘LOCK IN’.

‘LOCK IN’ was produced in association with our close sister company ‘Northern Misfits’ and will receive its World Premiere on Friday the 17th January at the 2014 Horror-On-Sea Festival.

For more information visit our Film page.

Latest | Video

Take a look at our latest video!!

We have produced a series of videos for Mickii Edwards Fitness and here is the latest video for the ‘Mickii Edwards Weight Loss Academy’.

The Video uses a combination of motion graphics and live footage to get a strong message across to potential clients of Mickii’s Edwards Fitness’ services.

Please click full screen and watch in HD!!

GreenBond | News

Keep up to date with what’s going on with GreenBond Productions with our news page.

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Graphics & Animation

Welcome to GreenBond Productions!

GreenBond Productions is a video, film & DVD production company based in Blackburn, Lancashire, dealing with a wide and varied client base throughout the UK. We specialise in all aspects of video production, from graphics animation to web advertising and corporate video’s.

Our production teams have great experience in the video production industry, including documentaries, television and feature films.

This experience together with your vision will give you a video that will set you apart from the competition and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

At GreenBond Productions we believe in value for money and can produce a high level of video at a very competitive price, we always give 110% to all the projects we undertake regardless of the budget.